LeRoy & Meghan's November Wedding at The Atrium

LeRoy and I grew up going to, and working at, summer camp together. If you were a summer camp kid, then you get it. The bonds you form living and working with other people every summer for years, are exceptionally strong. They see you at your best, at your worst, and everywhere in between. When Leezy (oh yes, we definitely had nicknames, mine was Cheese, but when I was with LeRoy we were Leezy & Cheezy), met Meghan, it was clear she was something special and his perfect match. They’re both extremely kind and caring; the kind of people you want in your corner.

Their first look was just so frickin sweet. I asked Meghan to walk up behind LeRoy and give him a little hug to let him know she was there. I was walking to my spot while she did that, and when I turned around she was giving him the BIGGEST bear hug I’ve ever seen. Pretty sure I let out a little squeal of delight!

After their gorgeous ceremony and sunset-drenched cocktail hour on the roof, we settled in for dinner, speeches, and dances….LeRoy and his mom surprised us all with a choreographed medley!

Oh, and because I love you…..I threw in some goodies of Brian and I getting down!