Ruby & Colin

Man oh man, where do I begin with these two? Have you ever met two people and just kinda fallen in love with them? I met Ruby and Colin for the first time a few weeks before their wedding. We met at Anodyne, and were just going to chat about wedding day details over a glass of wine. One glass turned into 3, and suddenly we knew each others' life stories, and were plans to hang out post-wedding. 

I mean really, just look at these two. The sweetest goofballs you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. 


They both work at an ad agency, where Ruby is a designer. She and Colin crafted most of the details of their wedding, from the groomsmen's boxes to the signs to the centerpieces. Check out the details on that dress gorgeous is the light pink?!

Oh and then this happened.....the guys realized none of them knew how to tie a bow tie! We ran around the country club asking every old man if they knew how to tie one. And of course no one did! *note to self, learn how to tie bow tie* We pulled up youtube and they got to work. After a super cute first look (and apple whiskey shots, courtesy of dad), we were ready for their gorgeous outdoor ceremony. 

For formal photos we made all of Brian's dreams come true, by shooting on an old shipwreck. The grungy textures were so perfect to contrast their palette of pale pink and floral. Designers, man, they think of everything! PS Ruby and Colin are the best and most chill for not getting mad at me when I lost their sunglasses. It still keeps me up at night, but whatcha gonna do. 

At their reception, Ruby and Colin solved one of a newlywed's biggest reception know how people clink on their glasses constantly to get the bride and groom to kiss? Turn the opposite way, and smooch your maid of honor and best man! I'm guessing you can probably see why I fell in love with them. Can we redo this wedding every year pls?