Michele & ConnoR

When you plan your wedding for April in Wisconsin......you take a few risks. Will it be 90 degrees? Will there be a monsoon? Will there be a record-breaking winter storm that closes down the city for the entire weekend? 

Michele and Connor played April Wedding Roulette and lucked out with the worst winter storm Green Bay has seen in over 30 years. 

BUT, despite the challenges that brought, they kept their focus on each other, and had one incredible wedding. 

Michele began the day learning that her hair and make up artist wasn't able to make it through the snow, leaving her wondering how to find someone to fill in in the middle of a blizzard. The amazing spa team at Lodge Kohler fit her in without hesitation, saving the day and getting Michele picture-perfect (and still on time!). What's a wedding without a few snags, right?

The ceremony and reception were both at Gather on Broadway, a beautiful industrial venue in downtown Green Bay. After a super adorable first look with dad, Michele and Connor finally got to see each other for the first time. 

From balloons, to Michele's shoes and necklace, and their guestbook, these two dropped in little details here and there from the movie Up! Connor even had a grape soda pin for a boutonnière!


The wind and snow kept us inside for all of the photos, but Gather's big windows led us to a few little nooks for some warm and cozy portraits.

Their ceremony was filled with wisdom from Grandpa, a signature hair flip from Connor, and the most beautifully written vows from Michele. I had no idea what a gifted writer she was....tears were distorting my vision the whole time! I think I'm going to hire her to write Brian's for our vow renewal in October :)


The rest of the night was filled with incredible food (deep fried mac and cheese bites, ya'll), tear-jerking toasts, and more tear-jerking dances. Is there anything more lovely than tearful father/daughter dances? NOPE. 

Oh, did I mention that Michele closed out the night by grabbing the mic and dropping "Baby Got Back" for us?