when brian met blank


Hi! We're Brian Fisher, and Chelsea Blank (yep, Blank...nope, not kidding!). We met in January 2015, and to be honest, didn't really even like each other at first. But we were bored so we kept hanging out. And then we fell in love! We spent 6 months apart while Chelsea lived in Honduras, teaching english and reading in a tiny village called Copan Ruinas. It sucked to be apart, there's no way around it. But we did it!

When we met, neither of us had every taken photos seriously. In fact, Brian didn't even own a camera! Chelsea messed around with her DSLR, snapping photos of the children she nannied. A few free shoots later, here we are with dozens of family sessions in our portfolio, and 23 weddings booked in 2018. Kinda crazy, huh? 

You often hear husband/wife photographers say that they know what it's like to plan a wedding because they've been there....but honestly we don't! After Brian proposed in July 2017, we planned a teeny tiny elopement at an Airbnb in Beverly Hills, and brought 8 friends to witness it. It was perfect! The photo above is from that day, by the amazing Chloe Darling. We may not personally know what it means to plan a big wedding, but we do know the industry and are available to help, in any aspect of wedding planning, at any time. More importantly, we know how to take those emotional, story-telling photos that will bring you back to the moment you married your lover, for years to come. 

We're not just photographers. We're feminists, mental health advocates, goofballs, and bourbon lovers. We love chicken wings, documentaries, and going to bed early. 

Now that's enough about us, we want to hear, and tell,  your story!